Under the Boardwalk Portraits

Our popular Under the Boardwalk portrait sessions capture the personality and uniqueness of each and every athlete, with the hopes of boosting confidence and self-esteem. As an alternative to the traditional action shots, it’s a fun opportunity for an athlete to shine between the camera and the magnificence of the water’s edge, typically under a local ocean pier, under the shadows of a desert cactus or a country barn, or just under a golden sunset.

The 20 min. portrait session fee is only $20 and includes one, full size, high res digital download with options to purchase additional photos. Space is limited and requires reservation. Follow our Instagram accounts @dandurenphoto and @boardwalkportraits for upcoming events, or contact us directly.  For additional samples, please see our Portfolio.  



Under the Boardwalk Session Expectations

  • Bring a Friend: Bring someone with you (parent, partner, etc.). May need assistance holding a light equipment for your photos.
  • What to Wear: Any game day volleyball or beachwear attire (top/bottom) is preferred. Tops/bottoms/uniforms that include color are best for photos. If committed to a University, we recommend bringing a t-shirt, baseball cap, etc. of your future team.
  • The session is a “portrait” session. We recommend hair be styled and make-up applied similar to a Senior portrait or prom event. This helps prevent lighting wash-out and brings glamour to the end result.
  • Not required, but if you do plan an artificial spray tan prior to the event, we recommend light to medium, depending upon your skin tone. We cannot guarantee tan lines from swimwear or spandex be adjusted during the edit process.  We highly recommend wearing sunscreen during your tournament play, days leading up to the shoot.
  • Temp Tatoos/Marker: Please attempt to remove (as much as possible) unwanted temporary tattoos or leg marker prior to the shoot.  
  • A new Baden Beach Elite ball will be provided.  Please bring your own if you prefer (preferably without markings)
  • Bring a towel for ocean venues in that you might get a little wet.





Under the Boardwalk Model Team Program

be CONFIDENT.  get CREATIVE.  have FUN.  In partnership with parents, the Under the Boardwalk Model Team program’s primary purpose is to provide athletes with both fashion modeling and role modeling growth opportunities throughout the calendar year.  In addition, the team serves as Ambassadors to help communicate and promote Dan Duren Photography awareness and offerings, and our partner’s offerings, to other athletes in their clubs and across social media throughout the year.  The Under the Boardwalk Model Team is selected annually from athletes across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico who are currently in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades and play beach volleyball.  Each model team member may receive:

  • 20% discount on all orders at DanDurenPhoto.com
  • $50 discount on a 2-hr Senior Portrait session 
  • Discounted swimwear attire from approved partners
  • Discounted services Beach Prospects recruiting consulting
  • Promotional photo opportunities on social media or our approved partners’ websites
  • Special action photo and Under the Boardwalk feature posts on Dan Duren Photography social media and website throughout the year
  • Special online tips and techniques sessions with guest pro athletes and coaches (as available)
  • Priority notification for Under the Boardwalk, Senior portraits, and 6 for $60 offers throughout the year
  • Instagram feature post of 5 Under the Boardwalk portrait images taken during the year.

and more opportunities coming soon!


Under the Boardwalk Model Team Feature Post - Instagram

During the year, Under the Boardwalk Model Team Members who participate in a portrait session are featured our Instagram @boardwalkportraits account.  

See a full list of the 2022 Under the Boardwalk Model Team Members!